Why do I need a Fellowship for Reasonable people?

The short answer is "You do not!"

But then some of us very much enjoy being in the company of other like minded people. As we look at what it is that churches normally offer to members, one thing is the fellowship of others who share the same principles and values. We find it pleasurable to be in the company of people who have a naturalistic view of the world, people who base their life's decisions on reality, and people who believe life is what it is.

We intend that the fellowship provide:

  1. CONTINUITY -- uninterrupted persistence over time without essential change,
  2. STABILITY -- resistance to change and the strength to stand or endure,
  3. IDENTITY -- a reflection of one's own beliefs in the institution,
  4. FELLOWSHIP -- association with other of like mind, and
  5. FRATERNITY -- an opportunity for division of labor.

If you would like help, please contact me at blackburn@fellowshipofreason.org

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